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Fusionater is sixth of the nine administrators and is in charge of building every aspect of the site.

For Manic Expression , this means that if anyone has a problem with the site (comments get disabled, blog is deleted, account deleted), or they need a category added for blogs or video channels, members ask him. Most recently, he has the job of mostly fixing the site; working on the front page, the blog sections, and fixing bugs in the system.

Fusionater also does a blog series where he reviews certain things called "Average Internet Reviews".

Blogging History

Most of Fusionaters blog entries can be found on That Guy With the Glasses Blogging Community.


Regular Blogs

You'll notice that in each and every blog, Fusionater likes to have a sense of humor which makes it a lot more interesting to read about his lists and certain subject matters.


It's quick to notice that in most of his collaborations, the guest bloggers will start a story arc to entertain the reader. Fusionater is a very interesting blogger and can be quite funny during his writing process. He shows a lot of charisma and shows a lot of confidence.


Quote: "My goal is to make a happy community for us all to enjoy."


  • Blogging
  • Chess
  • "All things in nerdom."
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