James Daniel Walsh is one of the administrators and the site owner of Manic Expression . The site was founded on September 26, 2011, with an opportunity to open up a place for underrated producers and great bloggers who want to be treated fairly, to thrive and become appreciated and supported in a community that will give them a chance to express themselves.


STOP THE HATE is a series of blogs that James created to defend certain sayings, people, plagued films, and other certain things/subjects. This series is supposed to persuade its readers that 'not everything is so bad'. He has defended Men in his blogs, looks down at the saying "rape my childhood", and defends certain celebrities like Nicholas Cage, Sam Worthington, and even Phil Collins for unfair backlash. Even though some people may disagree with his blog entries and defenses, he does make a convincing arguement with reasonable information to back the subjects up. All of the STOP THE HATE blogs are found here . In video, they are found here .


  • Watch movies
  • Reading
  • Spending time w/ Family

Future Goals

  • Get Manic Expression out to wider audience
  • Own a Comic Book store
  • Own a Coffee Shop

Quote: "..a classy kind of place where you can be a nerd AND take a date."

Manic Expression Book

He is also a very underrated author who has made the book, "Manic Expression".

Manic Expression premise

"Steeped in raw, primal emotion, author James Daniel Walsh explores the natural and supernatural human experience in volume one of his epic anthology Manic Expression. This collection of stories weaves a tapestry of adventure, romance, comedy, drama, horror, and social commentary. The Pacific Coast city of Long Beach, California, is the backdrop for these eleven stories which, together with volumes two and three, become an epic saga of families, friends, lovers, murderers, monsters, and gods.

While hard copies of this book are available for purchase through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other websites across the web, this special low price is only available here! This PDF is not formatted for Kindle but does feature the complete, unedited first collection for a fraction of the price you'll pay in stores."

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