Born: 1988

Timidiana A.K.A. Tim Dunn is the fifth administrator of Manic Expression . He has his own review show called "Timdiana the Reviews". He reviews all sorts of movies, creates lists, and recently introduced "Something Cinematic".


The internet persona named “Timdiana” came to be on June 24, 2009. His goal at first was to review recent films that he felt the need to review. His first review was Robert Zemeckis’ film: “Beowulf”. After that, he did a special video entitled “The Best of Harry Potter”, where he looked at the highlights of the popular films before the release of the sixth installment. Tim concluded Timdiana in August with the Top 10 Superhero films.

Tim's persona went on a long hiatus and he did not return until next summer. During the summer of 2010, he changed the name of the show to “Timdiana the Reviews” as he began to operate from During that season, he covered the likes of “Twilight”, “Paranormal Activity” and more "Harry Potter”. After that season, he took another hiatus in order to get “Something Cinematic” started. Around the fall of 2011, “Timdiana” returned to “The Reviews” where a new objective was found. Timdiana’s goal was to look at the films that no one wants to look at. His job is to cover the big films that have come and gone, to deem if they are worthy or if they deserve to be ripped on for all time. The past season has included:” Star Wars the Clone Wars”, “Cloverfield”, “The (rest of the) Twilight Saga” and several Superhero films.

Something Cinematic

“Something Cinematic” is the podcast hosted by Tim. Its tagline is the podcast for moviegoers by moviegoers. “Something Cinematic” was first devised on December of 2010, but did not reappear until the summer of 2011 airing on Blog Talk Radio. Its run on Blog Talk Radio was short lived and became a more on again off again webcast through the next couple of months. Recently,” Something Cinematic” got a revamp making its debut on Manic Expression. Now “Something Cinematic” is still the webcast for movie goers by movie goers, but the show now features Tim as well as guest critics who cover the movie in its entirety.


Tim's goal has been to make his shows into a career, simple as that. The likes of “Nostalgia Critic”, “MST3K” and XM Channel “Cinemagic” have inspired Tim to make what he loves into a living.

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